Your Journey

JETLUX, has over 30 years of travel expertise. As a premier jet charter company, JETLUX offers unmatched luxury aircraft travel solutions, with access to more than 6,000 of the safest aircraft options worldwide. Our expert team of travel professionals will provide world-class chartered travel that is quick and efficient while exceeding your expectations of safety, ease and luxury. Contact us today to discuss your private charter requirements.

Phone: 1.855.538.5893

On Land

We've got you covered. Having 30 years of global travel expertise, we undoubtedly deliver elite industry leading travel options and concierge services. Our clients demand the finest in private jet charters and unparalleled attention to detail. Allow us to coordinate your next travel experience by ensuring every aspect of your travel needs are met, from preference of aircraft, private automotive service, personal security, to on board 5-star food and beverage offerings during your flight - chartered travel has never been so pleasurable.

  • Dedicated personalized service by an experienced team of Elite Aviation Travel Specialists
  • Emergency and after-hours support is available around the clock
  • Hassle-free transfers avoiding scheduled service delays
  • Limited security screening reducing total travel time
  • Access to remote locations and destinations
  • Ultra convenient airport gateways
  • Secure, private terminals - every level of security at your disposal
  • Flexible flight schedules
Keeping You

Chartering only the top safety-rated aircraft, flights arranged by our parent travel company, and our luxury private aircraft charter company we are proud to announce that we have a perfect safety record since the beginning of operations. With a management team that has a vast understanding and knowledge of safety regulations JETLUX calls upon a meticulous view in evaluating air charter safety. We believe that in order to assure the highest level of safety we should never rely on one source but to explore every possible option. We combine all the information we acquire with our own knowledge of the industry to make sure we provide our customers with the highest level of security and service.

We take into consideration and utilize all possible resources including the FAA, IS-BAO, ACSF, Wyvern LTD and ARG/US aviation industry audits. JETLUX evaluates each individual report combined with many years of experience in the travel industry and only offers the highest safety rated aircraft to our clients.

You Deserve

Here at JETLUX, we are so confident that you will fall head over heels for our dedicated staff whom have a deep passion for what they do. Providing the safest and most luxurious aircrafts available for private charter, we're sure you will continue to come back for more... with NO forced commitment.

With JETLUX being backed by 30 years of industry leading luxury travel and concierge expertise, we understand the industry nuances and how to maximize them for our customers benefit. Each client and trip is unique, which is why we have vowed NOT to charge large up front membership fees or club dues. Being a valued client of JETLUX means just that - you will NEVER pay extra to be a part of our global network of connections and perks. At JETLUX we do not over promote and under deliver.

We believe in exceptional customer service, greeting our clients face to face with a handshake and a smile, giving free aircraft upgrades (when available), pampering you with our LUX REWARDS, and never locking you into a long term commitment. We believe that just because you need a last minute flight with the upmost in luxury, does not mean that you need to overpay.